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Carbon Tax to encourage sustainability planning

Unfortunately there is a lot of confusion about the carbon tax. I for now do not think it is the ultimate solution, but it is a step in the right direction.

I hear again and again in the media, that businesses are going to have to let employees go and this tax will cost a lot of people their jobs; and you know, if businesses do not practice sustainability management, this will more than likely the case, however, the point of the carbon tax is actually not for business to continue to use current policy and processes and pay the carbon tax, it is for business to  practice sustainability planning and reduce their carbon foot print, as well as help save our resources.

Why should people have to pay for their carbon footprint? I look at this scenario a lot like a financial budget, in that money is like our natural resources and it is scarce and will eventually run out, and at our current rate, we need at least 3 planets to fund our current usage, so basically we have been living beyond our means for quite some time. If you were to do this with a business or personal budget you would eventually run out of money and have to borrow funds at an additional cost until you got your spending back to within your budget. Our natural resources are exactly the same, in that we now have to pay the price to get our budget back on track, although the government has offered a number of measures to ensure that personal households are not out of pocket.

So what happens if we don’t bring our resource budget back into shape?

The CSIRO, the Bureau of Meteorology, and academies of science from around the world have all advised that the world is warming and high levels of carbon pollution risk environmental and economic damage. For example, extreme weather events, such as droughts, heat waves and bush fires, are likely to become more frequent and severe.

We at Sustainability Insights would prefer to see the no tax cuts to compensate households for the carbon tax, which does seem tough I know, but people will not change their actions if there are no consequences, and by that I mean they will not use less electricity and move to solar power because their budget will be the same, whereas if there were no tax cuts, people would consciously use less electricity, and the funds from the carbon tax could be directly used for investment in cleaner energy.

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