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Case Studies

Kawana Church

A rapidly growing business and community center, the Kawana Church Group’s has had little time to focus on energy usage – despite growing electricity bills. Furthermore, the Church is considering moving into a larger premises in the near future. Despite this, the Group was interested in reducing their energy usage and improving their business efficiency.

The challenge for Sustainability Insights was to plan and develop key energy saving measures with payback periods of less than 2 years.

SI undertook a sustainability project across the Kawana  Community Church’s site, undertaking detailed baseline assessments, action planning,  electricity and water tariff negotiations and monitoring and reporting on results. As a consequence the church achieved a 30% reduction in energy usage, with future retrofits planned.

Key Strategies

SI undertook the following key strategies to deliver, the highest ROI possible for the Church

  • Optimization of HVAC – Heating and cooling system – to deliver instant energy savings
  • Implementation of capital works maintenance program.
  • Guidance on the procurement of energy saving equipment.