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Corporate Sustainability – Sink or Swim for modern business

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Modern business is seeing a change in attitude from the “pillage and plunder” attitude of the 90s to a more responsible, caring business environment. Corporate sustainability is becoming increasingly important for CEO’s, senior executives, change agents and key stakeholders of a modern organisation.  However, corporate sustainability is not just another “tick box” for modern businesses, but also a chance to create a clear identity and point of difference. In this blog we look at the online book marketplace “Biblio” and the steps it has taken to improve its relationship with it’s customer base by adopting the principles of corporate sustainability.

Biblio is one of the world’s leading marketplaces for new, used and rare books. Despite operating in global marketplace Biblio has always been committed to sustainability and sustainability management.

In fact Biblio has now launched a program to offset the carbon emissions of every shipment of its books, making it the first book marketplace to be carbon neutral. In a great example of corporate sustainability Biblio has initiated a new program call ‘ecosend’, which is being launched in partnership with NativeEnergy, a privately held Native American renewable energy company, to provide funding for wind turbines and farm methane energy projects in Native American communities and on family farms throughout the US.

According to the team at Biblio

“A triple bottom line means working towards the three goals of achieving profit, serving people, and preserving the environment as the benchmark measurements for a company’s success. When ‘social entrepreneurship’ was little more than an academic buzzword, we made our commitment to a triple bottom line.”

By adopting corporate sustainability practices from inception, Biblio has been able to create a unique point of difference to competitors. More importantly, by incorporating corporate sustainability into everyday business operations Biblio will stay one step ahead of the game, which is important in today’s business world where a price on carbon looms just on the horizon.

Hopefully more organisations will take a leaf out of Biblio’s books and organise a corporate sustainability assessment.


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