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We all know that solar electricity is great for the environment, and once the initial investment has been made, there is also great cost savings, the problem is, how do you measure these savings and how do you distinguish between the myriad of solar panel suppliers and installers out there.

The solution is simple, the AuziMAX system from Auzion. It is not only a great sustainability management tool, as it tracks your usage by rooms and appliances, as well as seeing how much electricity you are generating, so you can practise sustainability reporting and measure your savings at the same time. Not to mention that this tool is the difference between all other solar panel suppliers and installers.

Have a look at the screenshot above and you can see how user friendly the Auzion Energy Maximiser is. The auziMAX system is actually not for available for sale just yet as this exciting project is still being tested. It can monitor all your building’s energy needs (including incoming mains, power circuits, lights, hot water and air conditioning) in conjunction with the solar power generated. Through a secure web portal you can then view an accurate breakdown of your energy usage. The device gives you important tips on tracking to budget and allows you to establish energy alerts to optimise usage in line with set targets.

The Auzion Energy Maximiser is being developed in conjunction with Auzion’s Sustainable Home Project and in partnership with Griffith Universities Industrial Affiliates Program. Results of the first 50 pilot installations are due to be analysed by the Sunshine Coast University Regional Sustainability Research Group. Initial testing suggests a 20% energy saving is achievable on top of that generated through solar grid connect. The research centre will publish an independent report on usage patterns and energy savings made by Auzion Energy Maximiser customers.

We at Sustainability Insights commend this great initiative by Auzion, and are more than happy to recommend them as our preferred supplier & installer of solar panels and systems.


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